[Links und Rechts] A Suggested Reading List from Online Sources

Alberto Israel Errera was a Greek-Jewish officer and a member of the anti-Nazi resistance. He is the author of the Sonderkommando photos, the only photos ever taken from within Nazi extermination camps. [Alberto Israel Errera Wikipedia page]

Léopold Lambert, editor of The Funambulist, writes about the recent fires in Haifa, Israel and the political symbolism of the pine tree in Palestine. [Israeli Forests on Fire: The Political History of Pine Trees in Palestine]

Al Jazeera reports on the Greek government’s plan to build a state-funded mosque, the first in over 200 years in the city. Athens is the only European capital without a mosque, but far right groups are pressing against the plan. [Muslims in Athens prepare for the city’s first mosque]

Greek art writer and editor of Athinorama Despina Zefkili writes for Art Papers about the current state of the Athenian art scene, commenting on the latter’s “lack of self-reflection and structural criticism”. [Dossier: THE SCHOOL OF ATHENS. Escaping the Trope of the “Southern Experiment” in Creative Sustainability]

Hyperallergic’s Ari Akkermans reviews the exhibition Come Back! All Is Forgiven by Turkish artist Lara Ögel in Paris. [A Dreamlike Distortion of Turkish Patriarchal Society]

In a chapter from the book Children in Slavery through the Ages, American Academic Kristina Richardson  writes about the qiyan, also known as the singing slavegirls of the Abbasid court. The chapter reports on the relationship between art, sexuality and personal freedom in medieval Islamicate societies, particularly through the cases of women slaves and cross-dressers of the period. [Singing Slave Girls (Qiyan) of the ‘Abbasid Court in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries]

Grup Yorum is a Turkish music band, known for their political songwriting. On 21 October 2016, the Turkish police raided a cultural centre where the band was performing and broke their instruments [source]; in response, the band made this video where they play on their broken instruments. All the band’s members were arrested on 23 November by order of a Turkish court. [source]

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