[Documentary] Koumaria: Improvising Across Boundaries in New Media Art and Community

Athens-based collective Medea Electronique has been organising since 2009 an annual 10-day residency for improvisers from various disciplines to live and work together in an old olive farm in south Peloponnese. The Koumaria Residency project has attracted participants from all around the world and has been fostering creative links between artists that continue beyond its core programme. A new documentary has just been released, produced by Medea Electronique and directed by Kleopatra Korai, that “traces the history and development of the Koumaria Arts Residency via interviews, performance footage, animation and in situ footage.” You can watch the one-hour documentary below, and full credits follow.

Produced by: Medea Electronique with the support of the International Institute For Critical Studies In Improvisation (ICASP)
Directed by / Editor: Kleopatra Korai
Director of Photography / Co-editor / Colourist: Michael Larsson
Executive Producer: Eric Lewis
Sound Design: Manolis Manousakis
Additional camera: Shahir Omar, Clara Bianchi, Eric Lewis, Gwenn Joyaux, Kleopatra Korai
Sound Mastering: Kostas bokos – Studio 19
Graphic Design: Yannis Lolis

The art-works and performances shown are all collectively created by the participants of the Koumaria: Improvised New Media Art Residency.

For more information about the Koumaria Residency, please visist: koumaria.gr
For more information about Medea Electronique, please visit: medeaelectronique.com

Featured image: Video still from documentary “Koumaria: Improvising Across Boundaries in New Media Art and Community.” Screenshot by Kiriakos Spirou.



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