[News] John Armleder Takes Over Mykonos

Hailed as one of the most influential Swiss artists of his generation, John Armleder has been creating imaginative work that defies categorisation for decades. Born in 1948 in Geneva, Armleder’s early influences include the Fluxus movement and the compositions of American composer John Cage —both of which share involve chance operations and randomness in art-making. Eschewing any sort of manifesto or affiliation with this or that artistic movement, Armleder has created work in numerous and often contrasting fields, which he manages to bridge with his ingenuity and evidently ceaseless creative spirit. For example, he has created work both in the Op-Geo style and in the more abstract-expressionist Tachisme vein, where the clear precision and colour-blocking of the former is in stark contrast with the raw treatment of materials seen in the latter. Armleder has also ventured into the field of interior design, creating furniture, wallpaper and light installations that blur the line between functionality and artistic reverie.


Initiated and presented by Christos Economou in collaboration with Nicolai Frahm, the exhibition is staged at the recently renovated Athens Fine Arts School annexe in Mykonos, and was curated in collaboration with the artist as a procession along the school’s many rooms and terraced garden. Focusing on Armleder’s work from 2000 till today, the exhibition combines visual art, sculpture and interior design as a way to demonstrate the artist’s unique approach and prolific output through samples of his most recent work. In addition to Armleder’s work, outdoor sculptures by artists Yoshitomo Nara (b.1958, Hirosaki) and Ai Weiwei (b. 1957, Beijing) complement the show and offer the viewer different vantage points for comparison and reflection.

The exhibition John Armleder in Mykonos opened on August 4th at the Athens Fine Arts School – Mykonos Annexe (opposite Belvedere Hotel) and will be on view until the 25th of September 2016. For press enquiries please contact Epitome (curious@epitome.xyz).

Image caption:
John Armleder caught in the act in Mykonos Town, July 2016. Photo courtesy Cultural Impact Foundation.


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